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Free ATM Placement

Free ATM Placement

Our machine. Installed and serviced by our staff, with our cash. Free ATM Placement for key locations with qualifying customer visits.

Merchant Owned ATM

Retail store ATM placement

Your machine. Serviced by your staff with your cash. Processing and support from us.

ATM Support Services

Cash loading

New equipment, parts, upgrades and repairs. Cash loading. Compliance reviews.          Credit Card Processing.

Hot Topics

EMV Chip Card Liability Shift

Chip Card (EMV) Liability Shift

Effective October 1, 2017 VISA, MasterCard and most all other card issuers have shifted fraud liability from them to any merchant whos credit card and ATM equipment is not compliant with EMV standards. DON'T GET CAUGHT by a FRAUDSTER with non-complaint equipment. It could cost you a lot and it only takes one incident.

New! Tips for Merchants to answer common Customer Questions

Sometimes customers have questions about the ATM in your business. This cheat sheet will help clerks answer common customer questions and maintain a high level of customer service. Download and print the handy two page document and share with your staff.

Saftey Tips for Consumers when using an ATM

Sometimes we get complacent about using technology and doing banking activities. Review these tips from MasterCard as a quick reminder to remain diligent when using any ATM.

Cash Usage Remains Strong

Despite the marketing hype, cash use among millennials and the overall US population remains very high. See how a recent Cardtronics study views current and projected use of Cash in Society.