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As a premium ATM service provider in Colorado, Lodgepole ATM can help your business thrive and stay competitive with more cash sales, fewer credit card processing fees, and increased customer visits.

If you’re looking to lease an ATM machine for your business, we have an even better free ATM placement program. If you have general questions about ATM sales, service, or our equipment, we're here to help.

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Contact the financial institution that issued your credit card or technical support with any emergencies.

ATM Services

Lodgepole ATM Services provided across Colorado:

  • Free ATM Placement
    • Lease an ATM machine with $0 costs upfront
  • Merchant-Owned ATM
    • ATMs for Sale
  • Cash Loading Service
  • Free ATM Processing Service
  • Route Acquisitions and Partnerships
    • ATM Sales
  • ATM Equipment, Repair, and Support Service Provider
  • Bitcoin ATM Services

We Serve:

  • Individual Merchants and Retail Chains.
  • Ski Resorts and Recreational Facilities.
  • Convenience Stores.
  • Bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and other hospitality companies.
  • Liquor stores, hair and nail salons, barbers, tattoo parlors
  • Many more industries served.