Comprehensive ATM Managed Services

Our Services

Lodgepole ATM provides a complete line of ATM Managed Services for Colorado merchants. We strive to provide our merchant partners with top-of-the-line customer service and ATM support. Based in Colorado, we are readily available to help you grow your business and increase your profit.

Our ATM Machine sales and rentals use modern technology compliant with all banking and credit card regulatory requirements. and only require an internet connection, The machines provide multiple language capabilities along with international card and foreign currency processing.


Free ATM Placement

Many businesses benefit from ready access to cash for their customers. Having an ATM installed and completely serviced by Lodgepole ATM eliminates the cost of owning an ATM, and our merchants share in the revenue earned.

Merchant Owned ATM Services Colorado

Merchant-Owned ATM

For businesses who want to own and operate their ATM, Lodgepole ATM sells and services a full line of modern equipment. Combined with fair pricing, installation, and training, buying an ATM from a trusted local company takes the risk out of dealing with out of town vendors.


Cash Loading Service

Owning an ATM does not necessarily mean you want to service the machine and load the cash. Lodgepole ATM partners with merchants and other independent ATM deployers to provide funds, monitor, and load the cash to ensure maximum up-time.

Cash Loading Services Colorado

Free ATM Processing Service

ATM owners should never pay for ATM processing. Lodgepole ATM provides real-time web or mobile access to transaction detail, cash balances and error reporting all for no charge.


Route Acquisitions and Partnerships

You may be interested in learning about entering the ATM business or have decided to divest of all or a portion of an existing ATM route. Lodgepole ATM is always interested in creating win-win relationships with other smart, honest, and trustworthy business people. Let’s discuss how we can work together.

Route Acquisitions and Partnerships Colorado

ATM Equipment, Repair, and Support Services

If you need to purchase a new ATM, have one installed or need service, software upgrades or a compliance review our local service technicians are here to help keep your machine up and running in proper working order.


Bitcoin ATM Services

Providing Bitcoin purchase and redemption capabilities in a business is a new way to drive increased foot traffic and earn additional income from each transaction. Before adding Bitcoin capabilities to existing hardware or adding a separate Bitcoin Transaction Machine (“BTM”) talk to us about your objectives.