ATM Merchant Services in Colorado

Services for Merchant-Owned ATMs

Lodgepole ATM provides sales, free ATM processing, Cash loading and maintenance for all the major brands of merchant owned ATM Equipment.

Purchase an ATM for your business

Businesses can buy their own ATM and keep 100% of the surcharge revenue when they load their own cash. Or you can have Lodgepole ATM provide Cash Loading Services to reduce merchant risk. Lodgepole ATM is an authorized reseller of the leaders in the industry GenMega and Hyosung ATMs and offers very competitive pricing. We offer free delivery and installation for new locations when combined with our Free ATM Processing Service.

When a merchant owns the ATM, they receive all the Surcharge revenue from each completed withdrawal and will be active in the routine maintenance of the machine and complete cash loading with their own cash. This requires someone who has basic technical skills to change receipt paper and deal with any bill jams. These are similar skills to someone who may already be dealing with your credit card and point of sale systems today.

Receive deposits of your Vault Cash and Surcharge revenue the next banking day.


  • Additional income
  • Increase foot traffic and add new customers
  • Reduce credit card fees
  • Take advantage of Section 179 Tax deduction depending on your tax situation

Good situations where merchants may wish to own their ATM.

  • Low transaction volume location, but cash is vital to your business (laundromat, pinball/video arcade, barber shop, bowling alley)
  • High transaction volume location where access to cash is vital. (any cash only business)
  • Anyone who simply wants to make more money from their machine, is willing to do some of the work and take some risk.
  • Location owner is comfortable with physical and security monitoring systems.

Equipment Purchase Considerations

There are many ATM models and options to choose from so be sure to contact us before you buy something that may not meet your needs. A few items to consider:

  • How often do you want to load the machine?
  • Do you have and what type of internet access is available for machine communications?
  • How many people will have access to the cash vault?
  • Will the vault be emptied each night? Or does it need to be available 24 hours per day?
  • Will the machine be Inside or Outside?
  • What type of physical security and security monitoring do you have in your business?
  • Do you want to do in‑store kiosk advertising, sell BitCoin or stamps from your ATM?
  • How many currency denominations do you require?
ATM Compliance Colorado


There are many banking and credit card processing requirements that must be met to own and operate an ATM. Lodgepole works with merchants to get set up and maintain equipment and banking compliance.

ATM Equipment Maintenance and Upgrades

Keeping your ATM compliant with security, banking and credit card requirements can be a challenge. Lodgepole ATM provides as-needed services or can provide a maintenance contract to ensure a worry-free merchant owned machine.


  • Local staff with locally sourced parts
  • Upfront service and repair pricing
ATM Equipment Services Colorado
Cash Loading Services Colorado

Cash Loading Services

When using Lodgepole ATM’s cash loading service merchants reduce their risk from employee’s handling large amounts of cash and possible cash loss due to vandalism. Lodgepole ATM monitors and maintains cash levels in machine to ensure maximum uptime.


  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate need to train employees and/or free up owner to be absent from being committed to ATM cash loading
  • No day to day responsibility to monitor or worry about ATM
  • 24/7/365 cash monitoring by Lodgepole ATM

Free ATM Processing Service

All ATM’s need to be connected to a debit/credit card processor. To connect a single ATM, many processors charge a monthly fee, but due to Lodgepole ATM’s size and volume of machines we can add merchant owned ATM’s to our portfolio at no cost for processing services. This service includes onetime setup and reprogramming of the merchant owned ATM, training on ATM and processor monitoring tools and setup of email alerts. Merchant may cancel the processing service at any time, and there is no binding contract.


  • Save money by not having to pay any processing fees
  • Mobile phone and web applications allow merchants to monitor all ATM activity
  • Email notification of ATM cash balances and alerts for required maintenance
ATM Processing Services Colorado

Training and Support

While not terribly complicated, there is a certain level of training needed for someone who is going to operate the ATM. Training and on‑going support are included with our Free ATM Processing Service.


No one likes to talk about the risks in the ATM business. If a machine breaks, is vandalized or heaven forbids is robbed it can be costly for the owner of the machine. Often the damage to the machine is more expensive than the cash inside it. Most of the machines sold and installed today are certified as “business hours only” machines, which means the cash must be emptied nightly. Do NOT leave cash overnight in your machine just like you would not leave cash in your POS till overnight.

ATMs in Businesses Colorado

If you have more questions about our ATM Merchant Services in Colorado or you’d like to start the purchasing process, visit our contact page.